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Common Causes of Windscreen Damage

The windscreen plays a pivotal role in the passenger and driver safety. It has been established that it provides close to 34% of the structural integrity of the car. A correctly fitted windscreen ensures that the driver and passengers are safe from wind and also plays a pivotal role in the functioning of the airbag. Unfortunately, the windshield is bound to get damaged at some point. Here are some common causes of windscreen damage.

Road Debris

shuttered windscreen

Road debris includes things like rocks, stones, pebbles, and gravel are among the most causes of windscreen damage. These small projectiles hit the windscreen rather hard owing to high relative speed between them and the car. The impact from road debris has the effect of making the windscreen get chipped or crack. Chances of damaging the windshield can be reduced by observing caution in the way you drive.

Bad Weather

The weather is partly to blame for a fair number of windscreen damage cases. For instance, falling tree branches from trees and other debris blown by high-speed wind can take a toll on your windscreen. At times, damage related to inclement weather conditions can be prevented by taking safety precautions. For instance, you can invest in a covered parking space or keep off the roads during stormy weather.

Sudden Temperature Variations

This is among the lesser-known causes of windscreen damage causes. Anomalies in temperature often subject the windscreen to expansive and contractive forces. Human errors or ignorance is often to blame for damages caused by temperature. For instance, using boiling water to defrost the windscreen, leaving your car in the open on a hot day, or suddenly blasting your car’s air conditioner when the temperatures become abnormally hot inside.


shuttered windscreenIn most accidents, especially the head-on-collisions, the windscreen is bound to shatter due to the nature of forces involved. Collisions could also include things like bird strikes, hitting an animal on the road, or hitting flying golf balls among others. Careful driving and of course staying vigilant on the roads can help avoid collisions, but some accidents are just unavoidable.

If your windscreen has been damaged in any way, you might consider repairing it replacing it depending on the extent of the damage. Any issue should be addressed as quickly as possible. If you need windscreen replacement Perth, the best way to go about it is to enlist the services of an expert in windscreen repairs and replacement and not a general mechanic.…