Top 7 Automatic Litter Boxes for Cats

No one cherishes the messiness of cleaning a cat’s litter box. There is a risk of exposure to harmful toxic fumes. There are inconveniences of having fur on your clothes that make you look untidy. The good thing is that automated litter boxes are easy to manage. The space you have and the budget for the auto-cleaning litter box will be the biggest factors affecting your choice. You must verify any telltale signs of mediocre quality in a litter box. You might be stuck with the wrong products for quite a while. Thus, paying attention to construction functionality, and looks are important. Your mindset should also shift to think about what is best for your cat. Keep on reading if you want to find out the Top 7 Best Automatic Litter Boxes [2018 Buyer’s Guide].


The litterbox by Omega Paw

It is durable because of the solid construction. It has a self-cleaning ability that relies on the rolling of the litter box to the right. There is no need for replacement filters. The constituents’ parts are easy to assemble, and the patented grill makes it easy for you to remove the cat waster. The litter box comes with a pullout waste collection tray for that purpose. You also get a one-year warranty. However, you will need a few replacement bags for collecting the waste. You will also need ample space for the box so that you can easily roll it on the side when you are removing the waste.

The cat litter box from PetSafe

PetSafe has a product that comes with all the sophistication of an automated system. It will have a slow-moving bowl that is always rotating to move the waste to a conveyor that will dump it to a waste system. The litter box should always be on, and it is automatic in that you have no role to play after setting it up. The disadvantages include the need for a power cord and extension to the litter box.

Self-Flushing cat box by CatGinie

It looks like a human WC and can appeal to those who want their litter box to look like a toilet. It has washable granules that will attract the cat as they mimic natural dirt. It also has a connection to a cold water supply for flushing. The best part is that you can program it so that you never handle the cat litter.

Scoopfree Ultra litter box by PetSafe

CAT POOP It is a fully automatic for people who are seeking an absolute hands-free operation of their litter boxes. It has safety sensors for resetting the rake timer, and it comes with a covered trap for the water. It is also very hygienic due to the enclosure of all the waste. The privacy hood in the litter box is a thoughtful addition to the design. It ensures that the kitties are comfortable when they are pooping. The usage counter on the litter box also allows you to monitor its use easily.

LM580 classic series from LitterMaid

It is durable with study sidewall designs. The self-cleaning part occurs through an auto-rake function.

KM980 Mega litter box from LitterMaid

Another multi-cat litter box uses the rake functionality for auto cleaning. However, its rake system may appear inferior when it fails to scoop some litter. On …