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Ways of Smoking Blunts that Will Hit Your System

Do you feel like you want to knock yourself out with blunts this night? Have you tried other methods of smoking? By simply changing the way you smoke, you can experience a new kind of getting hit by the herb.

Here we are going to discuss various ways to hack your typical smoking experience into something else that can amaze you as if bringing back your very first time of smoking herbs.

Hookah-ing your blended herbs

HookahHookah has been known as a way of smoking since the ancient time. Spreading from the late Persian Empire, the hookah– that is famous with another name, shisha– reached India, Egypt, and Turkey through cultural adaptation. Even up to this day, you can see how hookah is still highly appreciated by the Middle-easterners.

What makes the hookah different from the other smoking tools are its multi-pipes that allow people to be more social with each other. It is not common to see people smoking with a hookah by his/herself. It is a thing that should be shared with friends.

But smoking through a hookah is preferable with blended herbs. The water filtering system works similarly like a bong, but the placing of the blend above the torch gives direct combustion, which can bring out the blend’s strong flavor. Chopped fruits mixed with little drips of honey are the most popular ingredients to make a hookah’s blend.

Inhaling the best-filtered smoke through the vaporizer

Vaporizers are smoking devices that filtrate and process the blends into vapor. It is claimed to be free from the harmful smoking byproducts.

volcanicThe best vaporizer to smoke the organic blends is the volcano model. We are not going to discuss the portable vapes that use extracts to enjoy since they cannot give you the best smoking experience.

But you must look for the device from a trusted seller. Avoid getting conned with a fake product, because a vaporizer can explode. Purchase the model from Grav Labs, a company that promises you the best smoking experience with their products. They also give a three-year warranty for the volcano vapor.

Going mobile with the handy pipe

bubbler pipeThe two devices we have discussed previously are not portable. If you look for a device that you can bring to the party or any other places, opt for the cornucopia bubbler. It fits the size of your hand and will not give you an awkward look when you decide to smoke for yourself.

Always choose for the one that is made of high-quality glass. It can offer you the right degree of heat and give you a stylish look even when the blunts hit.…