Tips to Pack Before you Travel

Traveling is another way to relax, or to recharge after working for a long time or getting through a difficult exam. Let’s just say that you’re going for a week or two, be it for sightseeing, culinary or even getting freaky with the locals. If you’re thinking to travel, then make sure to read this article as we listed several tips on how to pack like a professional right before you travel. Reading this article will save a lot of time and possibly some unnecessary spending while going on a vacation.

checklistMake a packing list

Before you start to pack make sure that you have a packing list, this list can consist of what to bring before you go, such as toiletries, important documents, clothes, medicines, and many more. Having a packing list will make your life much easier while also reducing the chance that you might forget to bring something. Thinking to buy a suitcase? Make sure to check out this affordable luggage and suitcase brands.

Tip: make sure that you know or at least do a research on what is allowed to bring and what’s not, you wouldn’t want the staff to confiscate your stuff now, right?

Roll your clothes instead of folding it

Our first tip on packing is never to fold your clothes, doing this will take up so much space in your suitcase/luggage so start rolling it instead. Rolling your clothes won’t make it wrinkly and if you need some extra space, roll your clothes and put it in an airtight plastic bag. If you’re looking for some suitcase make sure to check this review of affordable luggage and suitcase brands, and hopefully by reading it you’ll find the perfect luggage that fits your needs.

skincareTransfer your toiletries to a smaller case

Instead of bringing a huge bulky tube of moisturizer, use a small travel-friendly case that you can store your toiletries. Doing this will save a lot of space while also making sure that you’re not breaking the ‘liquid’ rule. Or you can also buy your favorite products on a travel-size, to save more space.

Wash your clothes on the road

If you’re going for a vacation more than two weeks but at the same time you want to save space, you can always wash your clothes on the road. If you’re staying at a hotel or Airbnb, you can always ask them if they have laundry services or machines and how much they cost. Doing this will ensure you the extra space that you need, while you don’t have to bring so many clean clothes.…